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1.5m USB 2.0 Extension Cable

USBEXT1 | 1.5m USB 2.0 Extension Cable

This nifty little USB 2.0 Male to Female 1.5m Extension Cable is designed to protect your devices USB ports and reduce EM interference between USB dongles and your device! It's also great for raising a wifi dongle out of black spots, for example; from behind a TV.

Many electronic products emit a small amount of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). If you're using a sensitive USB dongle, EMI from the Raspberry Pi can cause drop-outs or slow transmission due to the close proximity of the board to the USB pins. One of the easiest solutions to reduce interference is to use a short USB extension cable, to take the dongle away from the device, and away from the interference.

• USB 2.0 / 1.0
• Cord Length: 1.5m (150cms)
• Colour: Black
• USB A (Male) to USB A (Female)
• Reduces proximity EMI

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